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Tachia Master Lava Custard Taro Mochi Pastry

NT$280 NT$260
  • Net weight: 270g(45g*6 packages)
  • Gross weight: 440 g
  • Size: 22*20*5
  • Pieces Of Box: 24
  • Carton Size: 64*46*25
  • Box Weight: 13.5KG
  • Vegetarian Type: Ovo-Lacto-vegetarian
  • Shelf life: One month
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Barcode: 4716609290501
  • Bag: Yes

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    taro filling 【Taro、Sword Bean、maltose、sucrose、glucose、Soybean oil、Trehalose、powdered milk、salt、Sweetener (D-Sorbitol 70%)、spices【spices、Propylene Glycol、Sweetener (D-Sorbitol 70%)】、Titanium Dioxide】、flour、rice cake【maltose、Hydroxypropyl Starch、short grain rice powder、spices、Palm oil【Antioxidants(Vitamin E)】、Glutinous rice flour、sugar、Titanium Dioxide】、Lava Custard【Duck salted egg yolk、sugar、Cream、Trehalose、powdered milk、Water、maltodextrin、Hydroxypropyl Distarch Phosphate、Methyl Cellulose、spices (spices、maltodextrin)、β-Carotene【maltodextrin、Gum Arabic、Medium chain triglycerides、sucrose、Sodium L-Ascorbate、β-Carotene、Silicon Dioxide、dl -α-Tocopherol N、Food coloring (Sunset Yellow FCF)】、anhydrous butter、sugar、beaten egg、salt、spices(sodium 2-(4-methoxyphenoxy) propanoate) 、Potassium Sorbate(preservative)


  • Note


    The product may contain dairy or gluten or egg that may induce allergy.

    Consumer with food allergies and food sensitivities, please read ingredient statement care

    Store in a cool dry place,away from sunlight